Tenant Reference Check - Maximising & Protecting Your Business

Diligent, the tenant reference check experts, only work for letting agents and have experienced personnel who have handled and analysed the results of over 1,000,000 tenancy applications. Letting agents, landlords and tenants UK wide all benefit from the Diligent experience; a maximum approval rate is achieved, our referencing is fast and efficient, and we minimise the risk of a bad tenant experience. In addition, our reports are both narrative & easy to read and can therefore be forwarded to landlords if necessary.

Once the property application has been approved, we don’t stop there. We’re available to help with the smooth running of the tenancy. We also provide as part of our referencing service complimentary legal expenses protection, which letting agents may decide to utilise, depending upon the level of support offered to landlords. The legal protection can also be upgraded to include rent guarantee.

We do not operate a two-tier system on company or foreign applications - if Diligent approve the application, rent and legal protection is made available as standard without any special terms being imposed. Diligent provide a full report on your prospective tenants & guarantors, including company and overseas applicants in an average of 36 hours.

Diligent Referencing

Our tenant reference check grading recommendations are not as a result of a point scored computer process. To grade correctly and achieve the best possible applicant to tenant conversion rate, other factors in addition to income have to be taken into account. With Diligent, you benefit from applications receiving experienced appropriate recommendations.

Because of the flexibility built into our system, we are able to jointly assess applications. In cases where the property to be let involves more than one applicant, we look at the overall joint position and grade accordingly. Our grading therefore reflects the tenants’ legal tenancy position of being jointly and severally responsible.

With our vast experience in the tenancy world, we understand the methods used by less than honest individuals trying to gain tenancy. Our systems have been specifically designed to identify cases that fall into a high risk category so we can take the appropriate action.

This helps us to protect you against fraudsters, individuals using false identities, and gangs running criminal activities.

Our Reports

Diligent provide three types of referencing reports:

  • Basic repot
  • Credit Check Plus report
  • Full Reference report

Basic report

Included in this report is a Financial Sanctions list check and an adverse Diligent database search. The Basic report is produced in cases where a Credit Check Plus report would have been produced if credit information was available. Click here for an example of a Basic report.

Credit Check Plus report

This report is issued where credit information is available. The report is produced as either the initial stage to a Full Reference or where the Credit Check Plus service has been requested. Included in the report are all the elements of Basic as well as the standard credit information. Click here for an example of a Credit Check Plus report.

Full Reference report

Provides a full report of the verification and information obtained by Diligent regarding your applicant. The report also provides a recommendation and includes a snapshot of the various elements of Basic and Credit Check Plus. Should the application be unusually delayed, your agency is able to benefit from our interim report service. Please note it is only on Full Reference cases where rent and legal protection will be available. Click here for an example of a Full Reference report.

Rent & Legal Protection

We understand how important it is to ensure that your landlord feels confident that their rented property is covered for unexpected events. This is why our referencing service can be configured to provide complimentary legal expenses protection. This facility will then allow you to offer your Landlords additional peace of mind as standard. You can of course upgrade to include rent protection for a very reasonable price. For more information on all of our protection products, please click here.

Agent Login

Once registered with Diligent, letting agents are given a unique user name and password for use with the Agent Login. This protected area provides access to a range of additional services at no extra cost as follows:

  • Enquiries
  • Agent document library
  • Basic applicant search

Re: Enquiries

This facility allows an agent to search all their submitted applications over the past 60 days in any order chosen and can be ordered by applicant, property address, date received or enquiry number. The information available in this section allows agents to see the recommendations made, obtain copies of any reports and policies produced, and to use the enhanced application tracker facility. Agents can also see if a case is protected by one of our protection policies.

Your agency is also able to start new property cases and add additional applicants to existing enquiries. Prospective tenants and guarantors can also be sent an email application link so they may complete their application online.

Re: Agent Document Library

All of your template tenancy application forms are available in this section, along with marketing material to help you promote your business. The forms and marketing material available include:

  • Individual & Company application forms.
  • Rent & Legal protection literature.
  • Referencing service information sheets for landlord distribution.

Re: Basic Application Search

We provide our Basic report as a complimentary service to our lettings network. This enables our agents to scan prospective tenants and guarantors against the Financial Sanctions list and the adverse Diligent database before submitting a reference and incurring a charge.

How do I start?

To enhance your business and give it the competitive edge, simply click here to register. You will then be able to start benefitting from the Diligent services immediately.

Diligent provide credit reference checks across the whole of the UK including in London, Hertfordshire, Essex and the South East (such as the Hammersmith, Kensington, Chelsea, Richmond-Upon-Thames, Wandsworth, Dagenham, Bromley and Kingston-Upon-Thames areas).