What Makes Us Different?

Common sense grading

Our grading recommendations are not based upon a formulaic point scored computer process; whilst these are easy to create, they are often inaccurate, incomplete, only cover UK based individuals, miss vital information, and do not allow for applications to be jointly assessed.

With Diligent we differ from other tenant referencing companies as you benefit from your applications receiving the personal touch. Where the property to let involves more than one prospective tenant, we jointly assess the application and grade accordingly. If necessary, we are also able to check and approve foreign cases, including overseas guarantors supplied in support of student applications etc.

Protecting your business

With our vast experience in the tenancy world, we understand the methods used by less than honest individuals trying to gain tenancy. Our systems have been designed to identify cases that fall into a potentially high risk category so we can quickly take the appropriate referencing action. This helps us identify and protect you against fraudsters, individuals using false information, and criminal activities taking place at your property.

Once the property application has been approved, we don't stop there. We're available to help with the smooth running of the tenancy and can also provide, as part of our referencing service, complimentary legal expenses protection. This can be upgraded to include rent guarantee.

We do not operate a two-tier system on company or foreign applications - if Diligent approve the application, our legal and rent protection policies are available without any special terms being imposed.

Clear and concise reports

The reports we produce have been designed to be narrative and easy to read. Because of this, your company is able to forward reports to landlords, confident in the knowledge the information contained within the report will be understood and well received.

An agent-only service

As a tenant referencing company, our service across the UK, London and the South East, has been designed exclusively for your use and we do not operate as letting agents. You can therefore rest assured that by using Diligent, your business is secure.

Great value

We think you will be pleasantly surprised with our pricing structure. In addition to offering great value, our referencing rates are fixed, with no additional charges being imposed for the referencing of overseas applications, company applications, or for cases where fast-track action is required.

To enhance your business and give it the competitive edge, simply click here to register. You will then be able to start benefitting from the Diligent services immediately.