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  • Why tenant CCJ checks are a "fraudsters paradise"

    Why tenant credit checks are a fraudster’s paradise

    As a letting agent or landlord, the selection of the right tenant is of vital importance to ensure the smooth running of the tenancy and … more

  • Why should you choose Diligent referencing?

    Title Tag: Diligent Referencing London

    Why should you choose Diligent referencing? Have a listen to what Brian Compton - founder of Compton Reeback - has to say about us, and get in touch today for the ultimate tenant referencing service! … more

  • An introduction to Diligent Services

    Title Tag: Tenant Referencing Company in London

    At Diligent we only work with lettings agents, with our average turnaround on full references being within 24 hours.

    There are no contractual tie-ins or monthly fees, and so our agents can use our … more

  • Which One Won't Pay The Rent?

    Title Tag: Referencing Experts - Who Won't Pay the Rent?

    Actually, it's impossible to tell who won't pay the rent - appearances can be deceptive and Diligent never take an application at face value.

    Diligent are the … more

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