Which One Won't Pay The Rent?

Title Tag: Referencing Experts - Who Won't Pay the Rent?

Actually, it's impossible to tell who won't pay the rent - appearances can be deceptive and Diligent never take an application at face value.

Diligent are the referencing experts with our experienced personnel having handled and analysed over 1,000,000 tenancy applications. Our unique experience means we are more than a provider of reports - we deliver a superior intelligence service on prospective tenants and guarantors.

With our vast experience in the tenancy world, we understand the methods used by less than honest individuals trying to to gain tenancy. Our systems have been designed to identify cases that fall into a potentially high risk category so we can take the appropriate referencing action to get to the truth.

Our grading recommendations are not as a result of a point scored computer process. Instead, letting agents benefit from experienced and reliable recommendations being applied to the actual application at hand.

Everyone benefits from the Diligent experience, with a fast and efficient service, reliable common sense gradings, whilst at the same time, minimising the the risk of a bad tenant experience.

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